Yachting History – Ocean Alexander

This week on Yachting History, we’ll discuss the heritage of the famous yacht (and now super-yacht) builder Ocean Alexander. This company is unique among the ones we’ve detailed already because it was founded in Taiwan. In 1977, Alex Chueh was given the beginnings of a boat building company by a friend who couldn’t repay a loan. Soon after, Chueh partnered with legendary yacht architect Ed Monk, Jr. (creator of many Ocean Alexander, Nordlund, Tollycraft, and other models). A year later, the first 50-foot Ocean Alexander motor yacht was on the water. The company quickly grew famous for its sleek, forward-thinking designs, and reputation for luxury construction. Ocean Alexander’s yachts make an impression

Now Ocean Alexander exclusively produces super-yachts; their smallest model has a 70 foot LOA, and the largest stretches all the way to 120 feet. They build their yachts digitally first using 3D modelling technology, then mold fiberglass and carbon fiber hulls over aluminum I-beam frames. Their prices for new yachts start in the several-million-dollar range, but many of their older, classic models can be found on secondary markets for much, much less. For example, we currently have a 1990 Ocean Alexander Yachtfisher in our proprietary webstore for just under 100k. While Ocean Alexander is a luxury yacht company, and their yachts command luxury prices, a slightly older model can be an absolute steal! If you’re interested in what Ocean Alexander has to offer, call us up today!