Yachting History : Hunter Marine

If you’ve spent much time around sailboats, you’ve probably seen a Hunter. They have sleek lines, ride low to the waves, and are famous for their build quality and elegance. Hunter Marine began as an offshoot of Luhrs Marine, a yacht company founded by a German immigrant to the United States named Henry Luhrs in the 1800s. Hunter itself was formed in 1973 to produce all Luhrs sailboats in Alachua, Florida. The company originally focused on meeting the intersection of good build quality and an attractive price for customers, selling as many as 2,000 sailboats in a year at the peak of its production. 

However in 2012 the company was sold to David Marlow (owner of Marlow yachts), and its production values shifted to a prioritization of elegance, excellent build quality, and exclusivity. Hunter-Marlow now produces around 20 yachts per year. Their sailboats, available with LOAs from 31 to 50 feet, scream exceptionalism. Spacious staterooms, modern salons, and efficient sail plans designed to be able to be piloted single-handedly (even the 50 foot model) characterize these beautiful yachts. 

If what Hunter-Marlow has to offer entices you, their older yachts are ubiquitous on secondhand markets even though the company now makes only a few per year. We here at Infinity Yachts have one 37 foot LOA Hunter sloop available; check her out in our web store today!