Owning A Yacht In San Diego

San Diego – just the name conjures up images of sun-kissed swells in the bay, palm trees lazily blowing in the breeze, and the slightly salty smell of ocean air. With sunny skies year-round and plenty of water to explore, what better city could there be to own a yacht in?

The city is famous for its gorgeous weather, with an average temperature of between 60-70 degrees year-round. It rarely rains, and it’s never humid. Imagine waking up to the warm sunshine pouring through a porthole, smelling the salt on the air, and knowing that today, just like every other day, is the perfect day to spend on a yacht.

Beyond the yacht-friendly climes, San Diego boasts a myriad of places to take your yacht, whether on day cruises or longer journeys. Crusing around San Diego Bay or Mission Bay is a great way to impress your guests, and to see the sights of San Diego in a new way. Sheltered by the jetty, Zuniga Shoals is the perfect place to anchor for the afternoon to swim and enjoy the sun. Taking a cruise under the famous Coronado Bridge will lead you to Glorietta Bay, another great spot to swim or fish.

For the more seasoned sailor, Santa Catalina Island is just 75 nautical miles from San Diego. The island has two resort towns, Two Harbors and Avalon, but there is so much more to do. There are hiking trails, diving and snorkeling spots, a casino, and a beautiful 37-acre botanical conservatory. Rest assured, you will never be bored on Santa Catalina.

With so many maritime activities available, from simple to adventurous, and such beautiful weather, San Diego is a yacht owner’s paradise. Take a moment and ask yourself — why wouldn’t you want to own a yacht in our beautiful city?