So You Want To Buy A Boat – Part One

Welcome to our series on buying a boat in California! In these couple articles, we will discuss what factors to keep in mind when buying your vessel, how to go about closing the deal, and how to get out on the water safely and legally once the deal is done. Buying a boat can be an intimidating experience, but we here at Infiinity Yacht Sales know how to make the process not only painless but exciting as well! Welcome to part one: deciding which is the right boat for you. 

It can seem like there’s a million different types of boats for sale, from trawlers to ketches to dinghies to motor yachts. Picking which one best fits your needs can be a bit overwhelming. To begin, consider a few things: what will you use the boat for, how many people are going to be aboard regularly, and what is your price range? Utilizing the services of a CYBA-licensed broker can help immensely with this narrowing-down, but the Internet, boat shows, and simply talking to other boat owners can also be useful in shaping your decision.  Remember, choosing your boat should be exciting, not stressful. 

Once you’ve narrowed down what type of boat you’re interested in, you should narrow things down a bit further by considering a few more variables: the age of the vessel, whether it needs any work done to be operational, and the amenities that are included. The boats age and how well it has been maintained will affect its condition. You’ll need to decide whether you’re ready to take on a project boat, or if you’d rather pay a bit more for one that’s ready to go right away. Beyond quality, do you plan on staying nights aboard, or becoming a liveaboard? In that case, a full head with a shower, and a stateroom or two might be necessities. Will you need a space to prepare food? A fully-equipped galley might be right up your alley. There’s many options to consider, but there’s a boat that will fit everyone’s needs. 

There’s a lot of variables to consider, and a lot of thought that needs to go into choosing your boat. It’s a lot to go through alone, which is why brokerages exist. Here at Infinity Yacht Sales, we’re dedicated to making the process clear and easy, making it simple for you to get out on the water and into adventure as painlessly as possible. Next time, we’ll discuss the actual process of purchasing your craft, and what you need to be ready for once you’ve got it.