Dogs On Board

For as long as people have had dogs and boats, they’ve wanted to bring their furry friends along on their nautical adventures. Having your dog on the boat is a great expereince, but there’s a few things you should do beforehand to keep your friend safe. 

First, and most importantly, your pup should have a brightly-colored life vest, especially if you’re going to be in open water. A life vest will not only keep your dog afloat, but the brightness of the PFD will make if infinitely easier to find them if they fall overboard. The las thing anyone wants is to lose their dog at sea. 

Next, before you cast off you should guage how comfortable your dog is with being in or near the water. Some dogs are natural swimmers, and some don’t even like the sound of water splashing. Finding out where on that spectrum your dog is should be an important factor in your decision to bring them along. For example, the dog that lives on the boat I currently live on can swim well, and is happy to play fetch in the waves, but gets distressed whenever she sees people swimming in or jumping into the water. Ergo, sometimes we leave her behind if we know we’re going to be swimming a lot once we reach our destination, for her sake and ours. 

Lastly, you should make sure that you have enough dog food and a way to replenish your water supply so that your best friend will be happy and hydrated. Having a dog with you on your voyages is a fun and rewarding experience, and well worth the bit of extra effort it takes to ensure their happiness and safety.