Tips For Maintaining Fiberglass On Your Boat

Boating is an amazing activity that everyone should have a chance to experience. Boats involve a large amount of cleaning and maintenance that can be time consuming but ultimately worth the effort.

Creating a Schedule

By setting aside time each week to touch up on the “little things” will make a world of
difference for you fiberglass boat. Regularly touching up on paint or engine parts will set
you on the right track to consistently provide needed upkeep for your vessel. Creating a
thorough schedule means less time boat cleaning and more time enjoying the water.

Wash Your Boat
Giving your fiberglass boat a good wash down from time to time will eliminate the
possibility of dirt, discolor, and your biggest enemy, saltwater buildup. Many people will
assume that washing your boat requires expensive soap only found in a specialty store.
Contrary to popular belief, household dish detergent works just as well, if not better than
the expensive stuff. Warm water and dish detergent will keep your boat looking brand

Polishing Your Boat
While cheap dish detergent will suffice with cleaning your fiberglass boat, it’s important
to polish and wax with a quality brand. The wax will help protect the boats paint from
fading from sunrays and shield it from discoloring due to saltwater.

Repair Cracks ASAP

Fiberglass boats are vulnerable to small cracks due to their hard surface. This can become a problem if you consistently sail rough waters, or find yourself beaching your boat on land occasionally. Just like a car windshield, these small crack can become big cracks if they are not properly filled. For 20$-40$ you can purchase a high quality coat and seal that will dry and harden over pesky cracks.

Replacing Your Pump

A broken pump will result in your fiberglass boat becoming waterlogged. The gets rid of all and any water that comes onto the deck, subsequently, keeping it dry and safe. The pump on your boat should be replaced once a year in order to maintain the safety and dryness of the deck. Replacing the pump can be done by hand and is a simple process thatmany boat owners put off or overlook.

Cover Your Boat

Invest in a quality protective cover for your fiberglass boat. Covers can protect your boat from bird dropping, leaves, dirt, and any other potential harmful elements. Protect your investment in order to fully appreciate the cleanliness and beauty of your boat.

While there are many more tips for maintaining your fiberglass boat, these are just a few key examples to take into consideration.