28th Annual San Diego Wooden Boat Festival

The Koehler Kraft Boat Yard Wooden Boat Festival is a San Diego Father’s Day tradition. For 28 years, the most beautiful wooden boats have been put on display at the Koehler Kraft Facility. The event is defined by its gorgeous wooden vessels, live music, catered food, and tradition of giving back to the wonderful boating community.

A well-maintained wooden boat is a functional art piece. Nothing compares to seeing smooth lines and polished teak or mahogany coming together to complete the builder’s vision. And what better place to satiate your nautical apetite than at the San Diego Wooden Boat Festival? The famous event was held on Father’s Day weekend, with both vintage sailboats and newer craft available to view and board. The event featured live music provided by local artists, and food provided by local food trucks. This year, Koehler Kraft gave the proceeds of the festival to the Sea Scouts organization, a division of the Boy Scouts of America focused on teaching maritime and life skills to young adults aged 13-21. The event serves not only to exhibit the beautiful wooden vessels of San Diego, but to foster a sense of belonging and community among the boaters and boat-lovers of the city.

Two of the vessels on display were the sloop Valkyrie and the eventual winner, Spirit of Tradition Ketch Majorie (pictured above). Valkyrie is a custom-designed boat built in Seattle in 1929 by Ted Geary of Blanchard Boat Yard. The Majorie was designed in 2007 by Stephen Waring Yacht Design in Brookline Maine. These two boats highlight the range of vessels present at the show, with nearly a hundred year gap between their production.

If you haven’t ever been to the Koehler Kraft Wooden Boat Festival, mark your calendars for Father’s Day next summer. The event is not only a great way to see wooden boats, but to engage in and give back to the community of San Diego.