Thanksgiving As A Liveboard

Cooking on a yacht can be tough. The galley is oftentimes not as fully furnished as a land-based kitchen, the space is usually small, and most of all, the boat rolls with the ocean! It’s difficult to put together a full dinner on a yacht sometimes, much less a giant Thanksgiving feast. So, in the spirit of the holidays, here’s all the places you liveaboards can go to dine on turkey, stuffing, and potatoes on and around San Diego Bay. 

First, you can hop aboard the Hornblower for an evening dinner cruise. There are two ticket options, normal and VIP, that depart at 4 PM. A private table, champagne, coffee, and a full buffet come with a ticket. If a 2.5 hour voyage around the Bay sounds like your sort of thing, you can book a spot now. 

Next, if you’d rather stay on land, there are several near-the-water options to choose from. The Harbor’s Edge Kitchen at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina offers either a 4 course or 6 course Thanksgiving dinner that starts at 5 PM and runs until 9. The Vessel Restaurant at Kona Kai Marina, located on Shelter Island, is also serving a Thanksgiving dinner. The buffet runs from noon until 8 PM. Having been to Vessel at Kona Kai myself, I would recommend it; the food is always excellent. If you’re a bit further north, the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla is running a Thanksgiving buffet from 2 PM to 8. Finally, Seaview Restaurant at the Manchester Hyatt hotel is serving a Thanksgiving day brunch/early dinner from 11 AM until 5 in the evening.

Most of all though, we should be grateful for the beautiful city we live in, and the magnificent Pacific Ocean that we get to cruise on all year. We hope you have a wonderful, delicious holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from Infinity Yacht Sales!