Marine Head Odor Fix On The Cheap

Smelly head. No one likes a smelly head on a yacht…or anywhere else for that matter. What to do when you have the smell that just won’t go away and makes you wish there was no head on your yacht? Most of the time this smell, especially if it smells like rotten eggs, is due to an old fashioned system that uses salt water to flush the head. The reaction between the salt water and the waste creates a smell that is really crappy. There are several options to mitigate this problem: you can install a vacu-flush type system, you can install a whole separate fresh water tank just to supply your doodies, but both of these options can be very costly and time consuming. The most cost effective way that vacu-flush would rather you not figure out is to tap your grey water. The issues with connecting your waste system to your fresh water supply are obvious. Vacuum systems create a vacuum break thereby eliminating the chance of contamination, but what if you could create a vacuum break alternative? The first thing to do is locate your sink that is hopefully right next to your head, but not completely necessary. Next shut your through hull valve for your head. You then follow the hose leading from said though hull to the head intake. Next you will disconnect this hose and cap it or cap the through hull valve itself. Now you will need to look under your sink and find the grey water drain hose. Next cut the grey water drain hose and install a Y valve. One of the legs from the Y valve will continue the same as it always has out the side of the yacht. On the other leg you will install a hose that leads from the Y valve to the head intake where you removed the salt water feed. Connect this hose to the intake. Now when you want to flush, turn on your sink, hot or cold water doesn’t matter, and turn the Y valve towards the head and flush your head. When done shut the sink and return the Y valve to original position There you have the easiest and cheapest what to convert your head into a fresh water flush, thereby eliminating stink, and saving yourself a couple thousand buckaroos and your most important commodity…..time.