Donate Your Yacht

At Infinity Yacht Sales we love to give back, as do some of our customers. Donating your yacht can have so many advantages, at times it is the best option. There are so many worthy causes we can donate to and with the tax advantages of donation, donating your yacht can be a win/win situation. Our affiliates have already established relationships with certain charities, but if you have a particular charity you like, we can attempt to make arrangements to have the funds disbursed to an organization of your choice.

The process is simple. Call us to make an appointment (619) 550-7279. We will come out to gather information on the ownership, condition and valuation of your yacht. If your yacht is approved for donation after our donation team does their due diligence, we arrange for a transfer of the vessel. The vessel is then sold through an auction style sales process. Proceeds from the sale are distributed, minus sales cost, to the agreed charity.